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Lindsay Coppens: A Newspaper Adviser's Digital Media Explorations

An extracurricular newspaper adviser’s journey from a print-first to a digital-first mindset.

Blog Posts

Reflections on “Principles and Practices of Digital Media”

Student Activities

Workshop and training activities for my newspaper staff

Digital Explorations

Projects exploring digital and mobile media

Recent Posts

Screencastify makes teaching custom maps easy

For this final project I wanted to focus on a skill I enjoyed learning, which could also be accessible and fun for scholastic newspaper staff members. I loved the “Timelines, maps and other cool stuff!” unit and activities in my Digital Media course, so I knew that’s what I would focus on. My publication already…

Building multimedia stories on Steller is easy

Because life is basically on lock-down due to Coronavirus quarantines and social distancing, I was relieved that our KSU Digital Media professor, Lori King, shifted our assignment from a reporting video to a multimedia Steller story to capture the reality of our lives during this bizarre time. Steller is a free app that allows users…

About Me

Lindsay Coppens is the adviser of The Harbinger, Algonquin Regional High School’s print and digital scholastic newspaper. Coppens teaches Journalism and English classes and is working to earn an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State University. This site was created for her Principles and Practices of Digital Media course. READ MORE