Screencastify makes teaching custom maps easy

For this final project I wanted to focus on a skill I enjoyed learning, which could also be accessible and fun for scholastic newspaper staff members. I loved the “Timelines, maps and other cool stuff!” unit and activities in my Digital Media course, so I knew that’s what I would focus on. My publication alreadyContinue reading “Screencastify makes teaching custom maps easy”

Activity: Evaluating our Publication’s Digital and Social Media

Objective: For staff members to understand the concept of an “audience” versus “users,” to identify if our publication’s online presence is geared more toward an “audience” or “users” and to evaluate how well our publication’s digital media, both website and social media presence, engages users. Summary: Because the publication I advise is an extracurricular andContinue reading “Activity: Evaluating our Publication’s Digital and Social Media”

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