Building multimedia stories on Steller is easy

Because life is basically on lock-down due to Coronavirus quarantines and social distancing, I was relieved that our KSU Digital Media professor, Lori King, shifted our assignment from a reporting video to a multimedia Steller story to capture the reality of our lives during this bizarre time. Steller is a free app that allows usersContinue reading “Building multimedia stories on Steller is easy”

A journey through maps, surveys and timelines

I was excited to try my hand at maps, surveys and timelines because I am a junkie for data visualization.  Give me a clean and clear chart or graph any day. Make it interactive? Even better. Of course, I understand that the interactive data visualizations I see on professional media are created by talented, experiencedContinue reading “A journey through maps, surveys and timelines”

Tables turn as adviser interviews editor in chief

While I learned a ton more about recording and editing audio while making my second podcast episode, the most valuable part of this experience was stepping into the reporter’s shoes with one of my students as my podcast guest. As teachers and advisers it can be easy to forget how nerve-wracking—and how fun—interviewing can be. Continue reading “Tables turn as adviser interviews editor in chief”

Creating a podcast reveals challenges, fun of audio journalism

Creating and publishing my first podcast reinforced how fulfilling and valuable it can be to learn by doing. I have my scholastic journalists learn by doing do all the time, but it’s been a while since I have embarked on doing something utterly new to me. After a lot of reading through materials, watching tutorialContinue reading “Creating a podcast reveals challenges, fun of audio journalism”

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